4 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Pulp Juice

Posted by Mitchel D on

Pulp juice benefits

If you struggle with getting your recommended daily serving of plant-based nutrition we recommend trying pulp juice. Pulp juice is simply juice made from fruits that still has some of the fiber from the fruit in it. This helps deliver more nutrients to the body. 

“Why juice?” is a question we ask ourselves every day … and answer. We juice because we believe in the preservative-free goodness that comes from our cold-press process. We juice because we believe food is medicine, and a healthy beverage can do a lot for you and your body.

At Pulp Story, our wellness shots are made with organic fruits and roots like turmeric and ginger that have many health benefits. They’re cold-pressed and bottled right away to ensure freshness and potency so you’re able to reap all these benefits in a single serving. 

pulp juice shots

Benefits of Pulp Story Wellness Shots

1 - They boost your immune system

Turmeric and ginger have been scientifically proven to help boost the immune system. This is why we include turmeric in all our wellness shots.

2 - They’re a great source of vitamins and minerals

Our wellness juice shots contain key vitamins and minerals like beta carotene, calcium, and vitamin C, fully intact, and ready to be absorbed thanks to our cold-pressed process.

3 - They improve overall heart health

Key ingredients in our juice shots like pomegranate are scientifically proven to help improve heart health.

4 - They aid digestion

All flavors of our juice shots include turmeric which is commonly used for its ability to improve digestion. In addition, the inclusion of pulp in our juices also contributes to you feeling fuller for longer after consuming them.

Pulp juice shots

Pulp Story Wellness Shots

If you lead an active lifestyle our Pulp Story Wellness Shots are a great way to get most of your daily required plant-based nutrients. Since they’re conveniently packaged in single-serve bottles they’re easy to pop into your bag and take when you feel thirsty as an alternative to sugary sodas or some other less than ideal drink option.

They are completely unfiltered and full of pulpy goodness. We love the taste, the smell, and the slightly cloudy pulp that proves our juices came from real, fresh produce.

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