How to Kill Hunger Pangs Quickly on the Go

Posted by Sarah M on

Don’t you hate that feeling when you’re running late and you suddenly realize … Oh no! Am I actually hungry right now? Bad timing!

Have you ever headed into a two-hour meeting without eating, and wondered how to quell those loud stomach growls? Ever got the 3 o’clock slumps and had to fight the desire to buy a Starbucks coffee cake, ilke, yesterday?

Good news: There’s a pretty simple answer.

Meet Your Good Friend Turmeric

For centuries, traditional medicine has used turmeric – or more specifically, its primary ingredient, curcumin – to fight inflammation and disease, repel insects and disarm oxidants.

More importantly, like many other spicy seasonings (think pepper, cayenne and so on), it has also served as an appetite suppressant in many cultures. (1) You’d be shocked how easy it is to quash those pangs simply by swigging a turmeric juice shot.

Boom: Hunger managed.

Weight Loss Benefits Too? Get Out of Town

Not only does that lead to weight loss on its own, simply because you’re eating less, but it also possesses active ingredients that help in weight loss.

Studies have found that curcumin helps overweight people to reduce body fat percentage, as well as reduce waistlines and other circumference measurements. (2) Moreover, the study found that people were very tolerant of turmeric; it did not bother stomachs or cause people to drop out of the study.

Get Your Juice on Today

So whether you’re late, have to go a few hours without food and want to avoid the tummy rumblies, or are taking your health more seriously and want to stop falling prey to sugar cravings … you need an appetite suppressant on your side.

Say hello to Pulp Story cold-pressed turmeric juice shots, the wellness blast you’re looking for in a handy, portable container you can take anywhere. Get ready for better health, a slimmer waistline and an easier time reaching your goals. Go!

(1) Shirley S, et al. Curcumin prevents human dendritic cell response to immune stimulants. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2008; 374(3). 9.1.18.

(2) Di Pierro F, Potential role of bioavailable curcumin in weight loss and omental adipose tissue decrease: preliminary data of a randomized, controlled trial in overweight people with metabolic syndrome. Preliminary study. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2015; 19(21). 9.1.18.