Manuka Honey UMF 15+

Introducing TAKE THE HONEY AND RUN, the juice you’ve been waiting for! 

… Assuming you were waiting for a sweet and spicy, gut-balancing, health-boosting option that makes use of one of the finest products coming out of Australia right now: Manuka honey.

To be more specific, we get our Manuka honey exclusively from New Zealand. Every batch is registered and certified, much like Bordeaux wines, and is highly sought-after by enthusiasts around the world. For good reason: Not only does Manuka taste marvelous, it strikes a major blow in favor of your health. 

Let’s take a quick scientific detour into why Manuka honey is such a good idea. In a nutshell, it contains high concentrations of methylglyoxal, a compound naturally produced in the human body as a result of your everyday metabolism. This compound has strong antimicrobial properties, keeping the bad bacteria out of your system and paving the way for the good guys to flourish.
This is important, considering the fact that every human body is less one organism and more a giant collection of microorganisms. According to recently revised estimates published in the Journal of PLOS Biology, the ratio of human body cells to bacteria is about 1:1. (1) 

Another PLOS study is quick to clarify that the antibacterial properties aren’t merely a result of peroxide activity in the honey, although such compounds also inhibit bacterial growth. The problem with peroxide, though useful, is that it breaks down in oxygen and water quite quickly in the body, effectively neutralizing it.

But, the study’s authors point out, “Australian Leptospermum honeys have potential for therapeutic use as antibacterial agents as they possess a stable, non-peroxide antibacterial activity derived primarily from their phytochemical constituents.” (2) In other words, Manuka honey carries benefits that don’t dissipate as soon as you swallow it. And because it’s composed of compounds that already exist in your body, it acts in the same way, protecting your microbial friends and trouncing the interlopers.

Moreover, the higher the rating, the more of that awesome non-peroxide goodness you’ve got going on. That’s why, on a scale that ranges from 5 to 15+, we opt for the latter every time. We’re not just saying we care about giving you the best; we’re actually doing it.

Of course, there’s more to this crackalackin’ juice than the honey. We also use trusty standards turmeric, ginger and black pepper to boost your immune system and detox your body, as well as alkalizing lemon juice, nutritious coconut water and sea salt. 

Bottom line? TAKE THE HONEY AND RUN is delicious … and quite literally in a class of its own.

  1. Sender, R., et al. (2016, August). Revised estimates for the number of human and bacteria cells in the body. PLOS Biology, 14. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1002533. 
  2. Cokcetin, N., et al. (2016, December). The antibacterial activity of Australian Leptospermum honey correlates with methylglyoxal levels. PLOS One. doi:


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