Spice Up Your Mornings: Why You Should Start the Day with Ginger

Posted by Mitchel D on

Ginger is delicious in so many forms: candied, pickled, added to tea. Its widespread popularity has stood the test of time, earning it an honored place in Ayurvedic medicine as well as current clean eating trends. Whether you chop it up into a stir fry, turn it into a cookie or just eat it on its own, the trusty ginger root isn’t going anywhere any time soon. (Except maybe on our plates and into our juice glasses.)
Chances are, you’ve already noticed that ginger has earned an entirely different reputation in the last decade as well: a powerhouse cancer fighter. New studies demonstrate that compounds present in the root – notably the compound 6-shogaol – may be even more powerful than today’s chemotherapy cocktails.

Specifically, 6-shogaol inhibits the formation of breast cancer cells and may be able to cause the spontaneous death of cells that have already formed. This is the case for both single-layer and spheroid cell formations. (1)

Additionally, “Ginger has been known to display anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiproliferative activities, indicating its promising role as a chemopreventive agent.” (2) In other words, you may be able to avoid cancer altogether if you get enough of this spicy little root.

How, you’re wondering? Good question. Ginger teas are always a good approach, which you can buy commercially or make yourself by steeping pieces of ginger root in boiling water. You can also make your own fresh-pressed juice, though this tends to be messy and expensive, so most people (even with the best intentions) don’t make a habit of it.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend your entire paycheck at the nearest health food store and pull out the heavy metal juicer in order to get ginger’s benefits. One of the best ways to get your daily fix is with daily juice shots or cold-pressed beverages that contain hearty servings of this cancer-fighting friend. If you’re interested in the health-boosting perks of ginger, find out more about our products today.

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