Why Whole Root, Not Powder

Posted by Mitchel D on

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helping your body fight free radicals that lead to aging, and inflammation that leads to metabolic syndrome. These incredible properties explain why juices, infusions and shots crowd supermarket shelves, all boasting their health-boosting features.  

There's just one problem: Most of these products are using the wrong kind of turmeric. The dried form – that powdered orange spice you add to curries - is delicious and savory, but unfortunately the drying and pulverizing process draws many of the active nutrients from the resulting substance. Despite this, many wellness blasts and infusions today use the powdered form, because it's cheaper and easier to order in bulk.  

We feel, though, that you shouldn't bother using an active ingredient if you're not going to leave it in its active form. That's why we source our turmeric root whole and fresh, and cold-press it immediately to retain all of its vital nutrients in our wellness blasts. We also use more turmeric root by volume than our competitors, so you can squeeze every last ounce of wellness out of each blast.  

In cold-pressed form, turmeric is extremely bioavailable, meaning your body can put it to use boosting your immune system and energizing you right away, rather than using a lot of resources to process it. Whether you prefer your turmeric sweet or spicy, you'll find our wellness blasts to be a powerful curative.  

Turmeric is the real deal, and our wellness blasts present it to you in its purest, most vital form. If you want to live a stronger, healthier life, add a daily dose of this tried-and-true spice to your routine today.