Our Process


We put a lot of time, effort and heart into creating the best product we possibly can, and we are extremely proud of every step that goes into creating our line of fresh, vibrant wellness juice shots.

  • 1

    We pack every bottle with spices such as ginger and turmeric, which fight Inflammation and deliver a powerful antioxidant punch.

  • 2

    We bring  crisp roots and ripe fruits to our bottling facilities, where we crush and then press them to extract the juices and vital nutrients.

  • 3

    Unlike some companies, who prioritize clarity of juice over actual health benefits, we always include lots of beautiful, cloudy pulp in our juices and shots.

  • 4

    Then we bottle, which is where the real magic happens. Lots of companies use heat to kill microbes and ensure the safety of their juices, but not us. Our juice is 100% Cold-Pressed.

  • 5

    This system helps us ensure that our juice retains all the vibrant nutrients and fresh-picked benefits you’d get from a glass you made on your own kitchen counter.

  • 6

    Our process accommodates the wishes and desires of those we serve, and it always will.

  • 7

    Whether you’re in the mood for a Cool, Medium or Spicy turmeric pick-me-up, you’ll find one here.

  • 8

    And you can enjoy it safe in the knowledge that it was made with love, care, and expertise. Every time.