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Pomegranates of The Caribbean with Turmeric, Pineapple & Lemon - Cold Pressed Juice - 12 Pack

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So, why turmeric, you ask? Here's the story. This spicy yellow-orange root was recognized thousands of years ago for its powerful capacity to help the body heal from wounds and infections, soothe the digestive tract and stimulate appetite, and heal conditions such as chicken pox and conjunctivitis. Today, turmeric is still big news, widely hailed as a holistic alternative medicine to combat cancer, to prolong the lives of those who have already been diagnosed with the disease, and to ease a range of digestive troubles, infections and other ailments. It is arguably one of the best-attested natural curatives available, with almost 9,000 research papers and professional studies to back it up. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helping your body fight free radicals that lead to aging, and inflammation that leads to metabolic syndrome. Many of our competitors use the cheaper powdered form of Turmeric but unfortunately the drying and pulverizing process draws many of the active nutrients from the resulting substance. That's why we source our turmeric root whole and fresh, and cold-press it immediately to retain all of its vital nutrients in our wellness blasts. We also use more turmeric root by volume than our competitors, so you can squeeze every last ounce of wellness out of each blast. In cold-pressed form, turmeric is extremely bio available, meaning your body can put it to use boosting your immune system and energizing you right away, rather than using a lot of resources to process it. Whether you prefer your turmeric sweet or spicy, you'll find our wellness blasts to be a powerful curative.