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Made with the best ingredients sourced from the organic farmers around the world, 100% pure, immediately cold-pressed to retain all of its vital nutrients.

Get Your Daily Dose of Antioxidants

Wellness blasts packed in a healthy little handy shot give you a pure, effective & delicious energy boost to overcome lack of energy so you can take on the day with more power.

Healthful. Delicious. Super-Premium.

Get an instant pick-me-up anytime throughout the day. Keep one of these shots in your bag or purse to give your body some extra TLC anytime you need!

Plant-Based Wellness

No matter what type of diet you are on, your body needs plant-based nutrition! Adding plants directly into your diet can be a little difficult, but say no more! Give a shot to our plant-based wellness shots. Each juice shot is completely unfiltered, which means it always includes a cloudy pulp to deliver maximum health benefits.

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Why do we juice? The answer is simple, really. We do it because we believe that by combining beautiful produce, health-boosting and disease-fighting ingredients such as ginger and turmeric, and ...

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Janet G.

Love it
I have been using for 2 years . Great stuff. All claims are true. Energizes, cuts your numbers and you feel better. Try it find your favorites.  SOME LIKE IT SPICY verified buyer 

Trenton M.

Great product!
As a professional athlete this is a great company that always answers the bell and keeps my immune and inflammation right where they need to be! Doesn’t get any easier.  POMEGRANATES  verified buyer 

Michele L.

Got my delivery today ! Thanks it was so quick 

Pumpkin was so delicious I had to have two! verified buyer 

Colleen P.

Hi Mitch I got my order today and tried the DAZED AND INFUSED’s AMAZING!!! Maybe one of my new favorites. Can’t wait to try the pumpkin next   Thanks for your greatp roducts.   verified buyer 

Craig K.

Great product

I was taking tumeric pills prior to taking these and I can say the pulp story drinks are much more effective. I saw better post workout recovery too.

One Month PLUS - 36 Bottles verified buyer

Katie M.

Best way to start the day

These wellness shots are the BEST. They will make you feel totally ready for the day. I can’t start my morning without one.  TURMERICS OF ENDEARMENT  Verified buyer

Catherine G.

Delicious & Effective Not only are these shots powerful & effective, they are DELICIOUS! A great addition to my daily routine to stay healthy. SOME LIKE IT SPICY Verified buyer

Maria T. verified buyer

Happy Customer of all flavors  My Pulp Story Juice started Because I was curious to see if the anti-inflammatory benefits really worked. I have had joint pain (reason unknown no injury) in my elbow area for the past six months or so. I came across the turmeric shots through a Local coffee shop, and it was so delicious so I thought why not give it a fair trial and buy more. I’ve been juicing now for over two months and happy to say that I’m able to do push ups again. I now have my brother drinking them for his gout flare ups and gladly to say they have subsided as well.